The end of the Play to Earn era

Haunted Space
2 min readApr 28, 2023



In the 2020/22 Web3 gaming season we saw many examples of games that tried to adopt the Web3 in a way that unfortunately didn’t work.

The Play To Earn narrative showed us that creating a gaming economy that uses crazy rewards to attract players is not possible and in the long term not sustainable.

In this way the game is literally “used” by speculators to play, earn tokens and dump rewards on the market, the experience therefore becomes secondary and more like a gamble than a real game.

The final result was the crash of the entire newborn Play To Earn ecosystem and the loss of hundreds of million dollars.


The majority of past Web3 games didn’t reach the masses because of their low quality and shady economy structure.

The market on the other side shows some interest in the new technologies that the Web3 world can add to the already working ones coming from the traditional gaming industry.

Starting as a standard gaming development company we know how to make a real game work smoothly and look funny and attractive to play but we consider the new technologies as a necessary upgrade to create a new type of interconnected gaming experience.

But what is the solution?


Haunted Space was born as a WEB2 gaming studio that followed and understood the problems of the first generation of WEB3 games.

We use the Web3 integrations as an add-on instead of a substitute of the already working infrastructure.

We focus on the missing points that the traditional gaming industry didn’t solve:

Our goal is in the end to give full control of the assets to the people that can easily come in and off the game.

We are building on the ashes of the previous generation and therefore is our moral duty to create a middle ground between the unsustainable Play To Earn games and the closed Web2 gaming ecosystems

This is the change that the Gaming Industry is looking for, this is HAUNTED SPACE!

P.s. be ready for the next few days… a lot of hot news coming!



Haunted Space

A deep adventure that lets you experience tight space combat against dangerous rival pilots or monstrous beings.