Neural Fragment — 8

Haunted Space
3 min readApr 17


A Death Gift

Adhan and the other three started firing.

I was just in time for cover behind an asteroid. The forest of bullets hit my shield as NewDay warned me that the bastards’ ships were moving. I could already see them on the radar and told him there was no need to distract me with unnecessary warnings.

The ship’s internal communicator croaked as usual. But this time it was not Sun Lori. “I know who sent you. You can tell her you won’t get out alive!” Adhan’s artificial synthesizer was hoarse, and the tone was that of those who want to scare you into lowering your defenses. At that moment, I savored every single drop of dopamine that was being released from my brain, even though it might have been a mere simulation, since my real fucking brain was left behind somewhere in Soul Landing.

Suddenly, I left my hiding place. I charged the gatlings with all the hate I could muster. I didn’t give a shit about being four against one, I wanted to get out of this shitty situation and empower my body. I wanted to feel good.

As soon as they saw me, the four of them scattered, not without firing. I could see the arcs emanating from their fuels in the rubble of that ruined world, in a galaxy I did not understand and where I had been sent by jailers who would never deal with such situations. Sentinels who are only good at following orders and would never have the courage to be in a metal body. They were afraid. I wasn’t.

I found myself dodging, shooting, dodging again, and those with Adhan exploded in three clouds of smoke.

The coward tried to run away. I gave chase, and this time Adhan had no time to catch the gate. I fired so many bullets that his shield went down instantly, and when I saw the shield disappear, I kept firing without stopping.

Adhan died. I saw him explode right in front of me.

When the smoke cleared, I saw a neural fragment. The black box of the raiders. It was not easy to find such a fragment, for its appearance is not certain. But Adhan’s death had given me another gift.

I took the fragment and began to listen to his memory.

Everything was foggy, but then I heard something.

And I didn’t like it at all.



Haunted Space

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