Neural Fragment — 6

Haunted Space
3 min readMar 21


The law of the strongest

I found my target, Adahn. I didn’t have many details about his body other than what I saw, and I didn’t like what I saw. That raider was equipped with rare and powerful modules, a much better configuration than mine.

“Adahn is an opponent of the imperial system in Neterun, which is why the Human Empire wants him dead. He’s a skilled fighter who knows my tactics well… but he’s not prepared for a second hunter like you. He has a better body than you, it’s true. Well, you want a way to make credits, don’t you? I’ll just teach you the method I know. You’ll thank me.”

Sun kept pitting me against things bigger than me, and I trusted her less and less. On the other hand, my instincts as a killing machine were governed by the law of the strongest. I had to kill, I had to do it quickly and indiscriminately, whether the target was a living being or a thinking ship.

I activated the body’s engines and approached Thornstone, the great pointy stone of the Core.

Adahn was there… and he was fucking prepared. He started to run away the moment he saw me.

“He’s making a break for it! Don’t let him escape!” Sun Lori was in the mood to give advice. I didn’t believe for a moment that she regretted sending me after Mugai Down, not at all. The reason was the bounty credits.

Adahn and I jumped into the gate in front of us. I tried to shoot, but he was faster than me. It was clear that he wanted to take me where he wanted to go. We ran through Guild Stands Area, where the two giant asteroids of Gold and Iron stood.

I pushed the engines to the limit and felt my brain throbbing. I would have Adahn’s fragment, my bullets would reach him, and I would cash in my credits. I would have empowered myself to the limit, I would have become more powerful than the Judge and anyone like her. I would have gone to the edge of the galaxy, no one would have dared to approach me without being accompanied by a natural fear.

I was there fantasizing, and maybe that’s why I realized it too late. NewDay did not warn me in time, or perhaps it was I who did not hear him.

The fact is that a hail of bullets hit me with full force.

As darkness fell, I saw Adahn and another raider running away.



Haunted Space

A deep adventure that lets you experience tight space combat against dangerous rival pilots or monstrous beings.