Haunted Space
3 min readSep 25, 2023


During a challenging bear market, Haunted Space remains unwavering in its commitment to our valued community.
As we continue our journey in developing the single-player game, we’ve dedicated ourselves to enhancing the experience for our dedicated supporters.

Our reward system, designed to benefit our loyal holders, is expanding to bring you even more value during this period.
Here’s what’s in store:

If you’ve staked your Genesis Pass NFTs, you’re eligible to receive a portion of the HS token supply for free.

These rewards will be distributed over the months following the TGE (Token Generation Event) with an unlock schedule optimized for the sustainability of our project.

We’re extending these rewards for another year, and there’s no need to unstake and restake.

We’re excited to reward our loyal holders even further by opening 1500 additional NFT slots for 12 months of staking.

This extended staking period will offer more rewards compared to 3 or 6 months of cumulative staking. These rewards will be available after the distribution schedule of the first year of V1 rewards.

What can you do now?

  • If you’re a 3 or 6 months staking holder, you can leave your NFTs staked in the old smart contract to enjoy these benefits without spending extra fees.
    Alternatively, you can unstake and stake in the new V2 Staking contract for 12 months.
  • If you’re a 12 months staking holder, your rewards will be automatically extended as long as you keep your NFTs staked.
  • New holders looking to maximize their benefits can stake in the new V2 Staking contract for 12 months, starting after September 25th.

Don’t miss out on our latest updates and insights.
If you missed our recent article about new rewards, remember that we’ll have just one token moving forward. Read more here!

Stay tuned as we continue to enhance our project, and always keep in mind that MORE NFTs LOCKED = MORE ADVANTAGES

In the end we want to spend a few words on the actual situation.

In this challenging period for the gaming and crypto industries, we see opportunity.
Both markets are now really undervalued and full of potential and now ready for resurgence with advanced technology, increased user engagement, and greater strength.
We’re committed to be one of the most consistent projects that will thrive in the upcoming gaming revolution.

Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more exciting updates on our media channels!



Haunted Space

A deep adventure that lets you experience tight space combat against dangerous rival pilots or monstrous beings.