7. Haunted Space Genesis Pass

  • Assassins
  • Dread Fighters
  • Cyborgs
  • Alpha Women
  • Billionaires
  • STAKE AND LOCK your NFTs to gain our HS TOKEN
  • In-game earnings multipliers
  • Airdrop of in-game tokens to Diamond hands
  • Airdrop of the Avatar NFT collection
  • GENESIS PASS holders will have FREE access to the single-player Haunted Space game.
  • Airdrops, whitelist spots, and discounts for our future collections.
  • Participation slots in our Private Governance token sale to participate in our early token sales.
  • In-game random material drops
  • Access to the Singleplayer and Multiplayer closed beta (Play & Earn)
  • Private chat with the founders and fresh news about Haunted Space in advance.



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Haunted Space

Haunted Space


A deep adventure that lets you experience tight space combat against dangerous rival pilots or monstrous beings.