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Haunted Space
7 min readJun 12, 2022


Developed by Italian Games Factory s.r.l., Haunted Space is a multiplayer and single-player game focused on bridging the gap between the traditional gaming world and the blockchain-based gaming world.

With over 35 members, IGF has a skilled and exceptionally talented team all with previous backgrounds in game development, marketing and blockchain.

IGF has a distinct and unique plan dedicated to developing an immersive game that is not only highly polished and fun to play, but also designed to take full advantage of both traditional and play-to-earn gaming models.

Core Team

Luca Michelotti — Founder & CTO

Luca Michelotti began his career as a game developer.

At the age of 14, he began by developing video games for mobiles and OS software.

At the age of 18, he started prototyping a PC game that a few years later would become Haunted Space.

During his time at the University of Informatics in Pisa, he eagerly approached the world of entrepreneurship with the help of Ivan Venturi, his first mentor in the video game industry.

At the age of 19, together with his two partners Ivan and Giorgio, he opened Italian Games Factory, the studio now responsible for the production of Haunted Space.

At the age of 20, he founded an E-commerce and digital marketing company.

At the age of 22, he ventured into the Crypto and NFT worlds as an investor and decided to unite his companies to bring the soon-to-be-released title Haunted Space into what is to become the next evolution of the video game industry: Play-and-Earn video games.

Giorgio Xhaxho — CEO

Giorgio has worked for Xerox corporation since 2000 as an external consultant and freelancer in the role of document solution specialist. In this role, he oversaw hundreds of sales processes and the implementation of medium to large digitization projects for medium and large companies.

In 2006, he set up his own business by founding Xhecom s.r.l., a value-added reseller and business partner of Xerox Corporation, specializing in the distribution of the Xerox Docushare ECM platform and its customization.

Since 2013, Xhecom s.r.l., after structuring and consolidating its own incubation process, has created several spin-offs ranging from digital art to artificial intelligence.

In 2011 Giorgio, driven by his passion for video games, founded iMasterArt an advanced academy specializing in Digital & Entertainment Art.

Today, these companies of which he is sole director manage assets of over 3 million euros with an aggregate turnover of over 1 million euros.

Federico Giuntoli — Co-Founder & COO

Federico started his career opening a company on Amazon (Amazon FBA) aged 17. After gaining valuable experience, he moved into the e-commerce market developing his first successful brands and stores, selling them and making small exits.

After acquiring the marketing expertise and together with Leonardo Marazzi, he founded E-rocket s.r.l., an agency that guides companies to success in the digital marketing world.

At the same time, he became interested in the crypto world, initially as an investor and then as a marketing advisor for small projects. As a result of the connections he made in this environment, he joined forces with Luca Michelotti to launch Haunted Space.

Leonardo Marazzi — CMO

Leonardo started his entrepreneurial career path when he was 18 through e-commerce and Dropshipping. After several successes, he transitioned to creating his own e-commerce brand.

With Federico Giuntoli, he opened E-rocket s.r.l., an agency that helps companies and brands to increase their sales through marketing. They also partnered with large Italian agencies such as Hybrida and 247X.

During this time, he also earned a degree in Business and Economics.

Since the beginning of 2021, he started studying the NFT and Blockchain Gaming world and began participating in the creation and growth of Haunted Space.

Ivan Venturi — Game Director

Ivan began developing video games in the early ’80s, publishing his first in 1987.

He co-founded the first Italian video game software house.

As the founder of IV Productions, Italian Games Factory, and Operaludica he has overseen and contributed to the design, production and development of several PC and console games.

In 2020, he was named one of the top 100 “Game Changers” by for his commitment to social issues, such as gender and disability in video games.

Since 2010, he has organized Svilupparty, one of the main independent videogame events in Italy.

He is the coordinator of Bologna Game Farm, an accelerator for videogame companies in central Italy.



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Marketing — Web 3 Team

Marco Pirruccio — Senior Web 3.0 Programmer

Leonardo Biagini — CAO

Alessio Coletti — Economy and VC partnerships

Started in Real Estate investments managing investor relations.

Since 2017 he has transitioned into the crypto space as an investor and analyst.

In 2021, he partnered with a Private VC to analyze several projects tokenomics and sustainability.

Since the end of 2021, he has participated in the creation and growth of the Haunted Space ecosystem.

Ivan Possemato — Graphic designer & Videomaker

Pietro Ciattaglia — Web 3 developer


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S4nti — Partnership Manager

S4NTI fosters our successful, healthy, long-term partnerships, bridging good people with good people to help grow our project and community. We lovingly call him ‘Mr. Network’, due to his deep connections within the Web 3.0 space.

As a member of the OogaVerse core team of founders since day one, he has sold over fifty thousand NFTs. For many months the MekaApes Game by OogaVerse was one of the best passive income NFTs in the space.

He is also a passionate autodidact who loves to think outside the box, dig deep and is always prepared to find the best solution to any problem.

Gaming Development Team

Luca Appio — Senior Tech & NFT Artist

Fabio Brigidi — Senior Programmer & Co-game Director

Saul Clemente — Senior Tech Artist

Massimo Bracco — Senior Tech Artist

Claudio Croci — Senior Tech Artist

Lorenzo Venturini — Senior Sound Designer

Clelio Rossi — Senior Tech Artist

Daniele Bonaccini — Senior Concept Artist

Massimo De Pasquale — Production Supervisor

Marianna Murgia — Senior Music Producer

Boris Turano — Senior Concept Artist

Annalisa Benedetti — Senior VFX Artist

Andrea Butera — Senior Tech Artist

Andrea D’Angelo — Senior Writer

Andrea Mora — Senior Tech Artist

Stefano Zarba — Mid Tech Artist

Andrea Abbatangelo — Mid Tech Artist

Valentina Verduci — Senior Animator

Marco Sessa — Senior 2D artist

Leandro Geminale — Senior C++ Programmer

Simone Hu — Tester



Haunted Space

A deep adventure that lets you experience tight space combat against dangerous rival pilots or monstrous beings.